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Welcome to the house of harvee

Where I share the people and things I love.. 

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Hi, I’m Krystal!

Unapologetically me.. I adore food, dancing, my children, freshly washed and blowaved hair and of course my husband. (and not necessarily in that order)

This is a where I share the things that bring me joy and my thoughts and opinions about Motherhood, life, travel and products I use! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Be Kind & Have Courage

"Krystal has a really unique sense of style and an eye for detail - she has a knack for combining an unexpected mixture of styles and colours to create rooms that feel contemporary and fresh but simultaneously really warm and inviting. Krystal's been a tremendous supporter of Little Connoisseur and we're always thrilled to see our pieces featured in her beautiful styling."

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