Outdoor Blinds are a thing

I remember going to my grandmas house as a kid and she would have all the outdoor blinds down right around the house.. You know those old school ones with the stripes 🙂

So when you say ‘outdoor blinds’ to me that is what I would think of.. Well until now.

At my place the sun rises from behind my house, so the morning sun is so bright and strong the back of the house which happens to be Avery’s room, the outdoor area which looks right into the entire house and the rumpus. Then add summer heat and those rooms were like a sauna.

In come Dollar Curtains + Blinds to save the day 🙂

We decided on Automatic Window Awnings in dc+b designs Killara Plus Canvas Fabric, Colour Thundercloud C810 and with Slate Grey/Woodland Grey hardware for the two back windows. One being Avery’s bedroom window and the other the rumpus room. The canvas fabric provides complete 100% UV blockout which is perfect for those spaces.

With the outdoor/indoor area I wanted to block the light, heat, flies 😉 but not entirely close off the space with a solid door. I did my research with this one because I still wanted it to look modern and sleek.

Dollar Curtains + Blinds understood exactly what I wanted and we chose the Side Retention system (SRS) in Outlook Mode Mesh Fabric, Colour 540 Woodland Grey and with matching Woodland Grey hardware.

So easy to use.

The best part is the Alfresco Awning has allowed us to have a whole other space to use regardless of weather and the kids love playing out there!

Thank you for reading!!

Head to Dollar Curtains + Blinds for more info on outdoor blinds for your home!

Sheer curtains are also Dollar Curtains + Blinds, click HERE to read about those.


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  1. April 30, 2022 / 10:07 pm

    I can totally relate to when you said that your house is quite exposed from the outside in the morning. In my experience, I sometimes wake up to groups of people passing by the window and jogging in the morning. So I would love to have outside blinds to still have my privacy even if my house is on the corner of the road.

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