The answers to your questions….

  • Do you have a media kit? 

If you would like my media kit please email me at houseofharvee@gmail.com and I can send one to you directly.


  • Where is your pink couch from?

The incredibly beautiful pink sofa is from the people at Harbro Furniture It is a custom made piece and I fall more in love with it everyday!


  • What camera do you use? 

I use a Canon 6D Mark II with a few different lenses depending on what I am shooting.


  • Do you work with small businesses?

Yes, most definitely, I love to support small businesses and can put together styling/photography packages to suit your budget.


  • Where do you get your picture frames from?

Most of my picture frames in my home are from Ikea, they are the MOSSEBO in wood. Shop here


  • Where are the wallpapers from in the girls rooms?

Both wallpapers are from Mr Perswall purchased online.



  • Where are all your flowers and plants from?

If you live in Melbourne, you’re in luck. All my amazing flowers and plants in my home are from the beautiful people at Alitalia Florist 🙂 have a look at their Instagram here