Christmas Present ideas for the kiddies!

Get them a puppy… JOKES 🙂 Although I’ve been told you can’t go wrong with a puppy! (until 5min later when the kids are over it and you are left to pick up the shit..)

Ok let’s be serious though, as you know I have 2 girls and boy who have everything, so present shopping is soooo hard. For me, there is nothing worse than spending money on things that you KNOW in a couple of months you will be putting in the bin. So we need practical and useful presents that the kids will still love.

For The Girls (and boys)..

Jewellery: With both my girls only just having their ears pierced recently earrings was never an option but thankfully now it is! And they LOVE receiving earrings and any kind of jewellery lets be honest.

Accessories: A little bag or purse is always cute. My kids received the sweetest gift from Seed Heritage, cute little bags with stickers that they can decorate them with. Such a cute Idea and a sweet way to make it a little more personal and fun for the kids.

Activities: Ya’ll saw them on my instagram and went crazy. Paint by numbers! Inexpensive and keeps the kids busy for hours 😉 Such a good activity for the kids and for you too.

Play time: Girls and their dolls right.. Harlow has been asking for one of those real looking babies but I honestly don’t think I can do it haha they are soo scary looking. My girls do love the Kindi Kid dolls and there is heaps of accessories you can get to match! All from Kmart!

Another great idea that I have used before is kids cameras and Bluetooth speakers. The kids can connect their iPads and dance away!

For The Boys (and girls)..

Avery has these 3 toys below and LOVES them.

If you are anything like me, you have a hard time with super colour plastic toys in your house, so I always opt for pretty wooden toys! Also Avery is obsessed with his Kindy Kids Trike, that was a great present!
Great Activity Boxes here too!

For The Whole Family..

As most of you know we got bikes for the whole family a couple of months ago and seriously it has been the BEST thing ever. We go on family bike rides and the girls and I go together when we have some free time and we just ride and ride! It is heaven. Obviously the fact that the Reid Vintage bikes are ridiculously pretty is an added bonus 🙂 Before you ask, I have the Ladies small, Vienna is on the Petite Ladies and Harlow is on the 20inch.

Also if you are lucky enough to still be reading this, we have a competition coming very soon with Reid Cycles so keep an eye out!

Vuly Medium Thunder

We bought the Vuly trampoline a couple of years ago for the kids and they still love it so much! The best is when its super hot you can connect the water to it and there is a sprinkler inside! BEST.

You have all seen me on instagram stories playing Just Dance on our Nintendo Switch.. We did buy the switch for the kids but I’ll be the first to admit I may love it more than they do lol.

But Most Importantly…

Matching jumpers from Kind is Cool

Spending time with your family and loved ones is the best gift you could get… Merry Christmas everyone, love US.


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  1. Carmelina
    November 21, 2020 / 11:12 am

    Love these ideas! Will be jumping onto these for family gifts 🙂

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