Britax Plus Series range

You may remember a little while back, I was lucky enough to attend the Britax +SERIES Launch night with some other gorgeous women. Firstly, it was such a fun and informative night and I feel so honoured to have been invited! The invitation came at the perfect time as we had been looking for a car seat for the baby but honestly, I was so confused as to which would be the best and would also fit in my car with the other 2 seats.

So many of you have asked me what car I drive and what car seats I have chosen for the 3 kids. I know from experience that it can be quite hard to find good, safe car seats without having to buy a new car to make it work. I, myself, drive a Nissan Pathfinder and although it’s a big car, we didn’t have a huge amount of space along the backseat. Thank goodness for the amazing people at Baby Bunting who helped me find a combination that fit and was super safe for the kids.

Vienna (7yrs) sits in a booster and Harlow (4yrs) sits in the middle in a Maxi guard.  For our newborn the Millenia + from the new +SERIES was the perfect choice.


The Britax + SERIES is exclusive to Baby Bunting and the collection features 3 of the most popular styles, The Platinum PRO, Millenia and MaxiGuard PRO. Each style not only has lifesaving technology, they are Luxurious in comfort and looks.



The Millenia + , our chosen seat for Avery has amazing features and these are some of my favourites:

*I LOVE that adjusting the strap/head rest height is as simple as one lift, TICK!

*Side impact cushioning, I feel, is so important and something I always look for in a seat. The Millenia + has Dual layer side impact Technology, TICK!

*Comfort was a must for me when deciding on a seat and the Thermo5 High Performance fabric is seriously sooo comfortable! TICK!

*The Millenia + has to be to sexiest car seat I have seen in a long time and lets be honest, we want it to look good don’t we?? TICK!


Here are more features for your reference as listed on the Britax website:

Body conforming memory foam properties combined with Thermo5® High Performance fabric gives your child active comfort where it matters most

Dual layer head protection minimises the energy generated in a side impact crash.The inner SICT™ layer provides 180° protection around your child’s head, whilst the outer SICT™ layer on the seat exterior absorbs immediate crash energy.

ISOFLEX™ connectors allow for installation to vehicles with ISOFIX low anchorages. ISOFIX use ensures an easier installation, correct fit and a safer journey every time.

Designed specifically with deeper side wings that shield and contain your child’s head in a side impact crash. AHR™ grows with your child working with SICT™ to contain your child’s head and to minimise impact forces.

Your child can remain rearward facing until they are approximately 2-3 years old, which is safer for your child.

Single handed height adjustable headrest and harness allows the seat to grow with your child, reducing the risk of incorrect installation and enhancing correct harness fit.

This cushion includes EVA composite material that provides support and protection for a small baby absorbing energy during a side impact crash.

Retains the harness buckle in a forward position and prevents the child from sitting on the buckle when boarding.

Suitable for forward facing use.



Knowing that my children are safe in the car is such a great feeling and a huge relief, especially since they were all professionally installed at Baby Bunting.   We have been so lucky to have worked with Britax to launch their new range. If you’re looking to buy a carseat for your kids, head into Baby bunting.  The amazing people there can help answer all your questions.

You can also click this link –> HERE  which will take you to BRITAX! Happy car seat shopping 🙂




Please note this is a sponsored collaboration with Britax, however the thoughts are all 100% my own.






  1. October 30, 2018 / 7:53 pm

    Great read. Very imformative!! We love our britax too

  2. Natasha
    June 11, 2019 / 12:42 pm

    What year model Pathfinder do you have – I have a 2006 model? How much room did the front passenger have with the rear facing Millennia+? Due to our location we do a bit of driving and I don’t want the front passenger to be unconformable.
    I am trying decide if I need to get the Graphene instead of Millennia.

    • Krystal Dahaby
      July 19, 2019 / 10:58 am

      Hi we have a 2014 model. there was heaps of room! Not sure of the model you have though. Im sure if you go to Baby bunting they are try it in you car though. 🙂

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